1. Today’s view, a little rough on the eyes.

  2. Really interested in what’s to come with these needles…. Can’t wait to try them.

  3. Yesterday finished 2 days in a row for Nathan, going like a mad man, this is his second trip to kelowna to see me since I moved! Thanks Nathan! Should finish his sleeve next trip. Thanks for looking!

  4. Tautu brought me back an amazing carved bowl from Tahiti! Thanks Tautu!! @taututattoo

  5. Well it’s time to hide a little less… I did the dirty, I am back on Facebook. Feel free to find me there as well, Mikel Tattoosangha. I will try to be more active in posting stuff in general, slowly getting a few ideas and projects going after the move. Thank you for all the support and interest.

  6. Some of tomorrow’s fun, thanks for looking.


  7. always worth a listen…

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  10. swastikatattoo:

    By many on request a simple book about Swastika and it’s meaning. just finnished this little thing a few days ago and like to share this with you. If you downloaded already can you recommend here to the others please thanks and enjoy
    3 languages till now English, Spanish and Dutch.
    The link down here sends you to chooce your language.
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  11. Good start to this today, much more to come. Thanks for looking.

  12. Great to see an old photo I took up on a friends wall! Nice! Glad you guys like it Chris!

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  14. fuckyeahbc:


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  15. One of my all time favorite tattooers is now on ig! Alex Binnie! @abinniepaperandskin you should follow him. True story. He has been doing awesome art and tattoos for a long time, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. A real inspiration. You should be following his shop too! @intoyoutattoolondon