1. Way back machine! @adamskytattoos @tattoosbychadwoodley @davegreentattoo @getmooretattoos @shawnhedley_ctc

  2. Clients move around, and in doing this sometimes bring awesome projects like this. Happy to add this chest piece to a 1/2 sleeve by mr. @coryferguson ! If you are not following him… You should. Great tattoos and a really nice guy.

  3. Got to work on this fun calf this week, more to go on it…. Thanks for looking.

  4. These 2 jokers…


  6. Just a reminder about my wife April’s 10$ hatha yoga classes starting this Thursday. Please pass this along to anyone you know that may be interested in good affordable yoga. Also, please note it’s cash only. Thanks!

  7. My Sunday. Finished 1 side of a work in progress, and spend the afternoon with these 2 jokers at the beach.

  8. Thanks for looking.

  9. Traditional Indian rangoli pattern for super Megan!

  11. End of the week… Thanks for looking.

  12. Lower portion by me, all healed up. Fixed up the top part the other day. Thanks for looking.

  13. More of today’s work. Thanks mr. D!

  14. Today’s fun, thanks for looking.

  15. Healed portion of today’s project. Thanks for looking.