1. recent fun one… Thanks for looking.

  2. Finished my week off getting this pattern wrapped around mr.D’s arm and started filling it in. A nice background pattern arround some cool tattoos he got in Japan.

  3. See you in a month Montreal! Sept 5-7 if you are in the Montreal area, you want to go to this. True story. I have started to book appointments for the show, if you are interested please email me through my site with Montreal convention in the subject header. Thanks!

  4. Last little bit on this from the other day… On to the leg now! Thanks for looking.

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  9. Today’s fun.

  10. Awesome gift of an orgone generator from @hansomjeff thanks Jeff! So good.

  11. Today… A little addition around an old tattoo. Thanks for looking.

  12. More fun from the convention… Larger mandala from Tomas Tomas’s new book, done with a slight twist. Thanks for looking.

  13. Some fun from this weekend… Thanks for looking.

  14. Thank you Kelowna! It was a great trip, and awesome convention. Thanks to everyone who worked to put together my new favorite convention, hands down. Nice to see old friends and great to meet so many new people. Can’t wait to come back! @oktattooshow @bertramcustomtattoo

  15. Pre convention cappuccino.