1. littlelimpstiff14u2:

    The Wonderful Street Art of Chemis

    Chemis from Prague has real talent with Illusion and murals


    Thanks to Global Street Art

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  2. A little filler from yesterday. Thanks for looking.

  3. Got to finish this today, thanks for looking.

  4. Packages in the mail are awesome! Thanks @coryferguson !

  5. End of week fun. Thanks for looking.

  6. I will be tattooing at the kelowna tattoo convention July 18-20. I will be taking appointments (I have a couple already) and also will have a couple pre drawn pieces all ready for the show. Happy to see some friends up there, and make some new ones! @oktattooshow

  7. Thank you Tyler! 2 days in a row, made it look like it was nothing. Really fun to do for you. Thanks for looking.

  8. Kashinaua Indian from Brazil’s westernmost border wears plume headdress and feathers in nostrils. Juice of the genipa fruit patterns face and body.

    National Geographic - September, 1962

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  9. Day 1 done, will finish this tomorrow. 2 days in a row… It’s a little spicy.

  10. Today’s work in progress… Thanks for looking.

  11. Drawing day… Some fun projects coming up. Thanks for looking.

  12. Some tattoos from a while ago I forgot to post… Vancouver tattoo convention fun.

  13. Follow @mrlucasford July 6 he is doing a great thing. Pro tattooers only… All proceeds to the #hudsonheartproject

  14. Some of the fun that was had this week. Thanks for looking!

  15. You need to follow this man! The grandfather of tribal tattooing in North America. @leo.zulueta