1. Some of today’s fun, still more to come on this leg. Thanks for looking!

  2. Repost from a friend. Great quote and wisdom about meditation. Alan Watts is awesome.

  3. Thanks to everyone for all the interest in getting tattooed at the Montreal convention this year. At this point I am all booked up. I am trying to save a little space for a couple small tattoos… I will have a couple pre drawn ideas I would like to do but I am not able to take on any more larger pieces this trip. If you are in the Montreal area you SHOULD check out this show. It never disappoints. Come by and say hi!

  4. Finished this piece, for now. Front of the shin is still healing. Thank you Rick! Really fun tattoo and nice chats! Until the next sit!

  5. Yesterday…. It was all about triangles. Thanks for looking.

  6. Finished this fun background for D, thanks man!

  7. alexstrangler:


    Researchers at the University of California San Diego have designed an electronic tattoo—a small, flexible circuit board that can be worn just like the Spiderman temp tats I used to stick on my face—that produces an electrical current.

    It works by stripping the electrons from lactate, a byproduct of sweat, with an enzyme imprinted on the e-tattoo’s sensor. In other words, it produces power from your nasty workout juice. And, the researchers say, the technology could eventually generate enough electricity to run devices like phones, smart watches, and heart monitors.

    "These represent the first examples of epidermal electrochemical biosensing and biofuel cells that could potentially be used for a wide range of future applications," said research lab director Joseph Wang in a statement.

    More: This Sweat-Powered E-Tattoo Could One Day Charge Your Phone | The Creators Project

    Tattoo Science

  8. Sri Yantra Mandala.

    (via hexagonalawarenessproject)

  9. Anyone that is on my wait list!!! I have started sending out emails, right now I am caught up to may. I will get the rest out ASAP and get everyone caught up on things and ALSO get you on the proper list, for either Vancouver or Kelowna. Thanks for the patience!!!!

  10. Vancouver is booked solid until the move, I will start getting ahold of people to book Kelowna soon. Thanks for the patience!

  11. Time to lighten my library some before the move. I have a good stack of maybe 40 books I am wanting to sell, everything from Japanese to Indian patterns to tattoo history. Would love to sell it as a single lot, asking $250 for the lot. Open to offers or selling single books, but would prefer an offer for the whole thing. I will have the books at the studio this week. If interested, message me and we can work somethin out. This has to be a local sale, way too many books to ship.

  13. End of last week fun. Thanks for looking. Thanks @mrhalter @mileskanne for the referral!

  14. So after working on this for the last few months as quietly as I can, I am happy to let everyone know that we are moving to Kelowna BC mid September! I will be tattooing up there full time shortly after we get there with some friends at @bertramcustomtattoo until I am able to open my own space. I plan on doing spots in Vancouver… But if you are willing to make the trip up to the interior, the wait just got a LOT shorter!!! I will post more on my news section of my site as I get details ironed out. I will also be emailing people. Thank you for all the support!

  15. Laughing is the best medicine… Thanks Mr. Williams, for all the amazing medicine.